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This Little Piggy went to market recently (after sleeping in and watching some Saturday morning cartoons with Little Guy, or course)!

Market Stalls

My first summer job was working at a market like this, thanks to my Dad who got to be friends with one of the vendors. Our town’s market was held in the square in the centre of town…we were surrounded by concrete and buildings so rarely enjoyed a breath of fresh air on the hot summer afternoon. I spent three days a week sitting on the back of a truck under a tarp trying to stay cool. We even sat with our feet in buckets of cool water and wet rags on our wrists, to try to stave off heat stroke (I usually suffered with it a couple of times a summer anyway). The worst part of the day was packing up the fruits and vegetables, and loading the truck after sitting in the heat all day. That, and the wasps – never grab a piece of fruit without looking!

Fruits at Market

The market was small, but every table prominently displayed its wares – fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and flowers. While an older woman with a walker surveyed the rows of sweet shiny peppers, a family clustered around boxes of fresh berries. The youngest girl sampled a cherry and the red juice spilled down her chin. Then she ran from table to table with her sister, hoping for more free samples!

Girl at Market

I didn’t get any samples but I did bring home with sweet strawberries. I would have come with more, including a box of decadent gluten-free chocolate butter tarts, but I didn’t realize I had more than $4 in my purse…Had I brought them home, I guess I really could be called a “little piggy”. Maybe next time…