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My Grandfather loved the ocean. He would start to plan his annual trek to the Southern U.S. almost as soon as he had arrived back in Canada, and he would start packing and repacking months in advance (much to the annoyance of my Grandmother). He loved to rise early and walk on the beach, picking up interesting shells and stones along the way.

My grandparents’ small home was filled with glass containers displaying his treasures. He even made me promise that If anything happened to him, I would take care of his shells and not let Nana just throw them out. My grandparents moved into a retirement home a few months before Grandpa died, and my Mom, knowing about my promise, kept them safe and distributed many of them among all the grandchildren…

Last year, we (finally) went on vacation to the same beach that Grandpa so loved. I enjoyed several walks along the water (but not first thing in the morning)! On the last day there, feeling a little melancholy, I went for a walk by myself. I was sorry to see our holiday end, and I was missing him. Imagine my delight when I spotted this “relic” through my tears, barely visible in the sand. It was a much-needed hug for my weary soul.

Sea shells

The brown shell is Grandpa’s and the blue-gray shell is mine

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