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I planned and went on a pilgrimage after work yesterday in an attempt to snap prime pictures for my July Capture Your 365 Project!

The July 4th prompt was “All American” and my first thought was “as American as apple pie”. So I stopped at Swiss Chalet on the way home from work. I only wanted one portion, not a whole pie – a whole pie would be packed away and I’d get poochy. I envisioned a single slice of picturesque pie with pristine, golden flaky crust, oozing apple and cinnamon. I would place it on a white plate with a thick slab of sharp cheddar on the side. But when I pulled my petite $5 piece from the paper bag, it looked like…like puke with caramel sauce. But my stubbornness kicked in, I persevered, and I pieced it together enough to get this…

Apple Pie

Little Guy polished it off for me!

My next stop was the grocery store for a luscious lemon to complete the July 1st prompt, “Refreshing”. I envisioned a tall, sweating glass of iced tea with a lemon wedge, sitting in the sunshine. I even thought far enough ahead to make ice cubes. After I found a lovely lemon, I went on a pilgrimage for a bag of Bits & Bites. As I wandered through the store, I repeated the slogan “Kibbles & Bits, kibbles & bits, I’m going to get me some kibbles & bits…” (just like the dog in the commercial). As I wandered without success, accosting 4 different employees who insisted I could find them in aisle 11, the voice in my head got louder and angrier. After my fifth tour of Aisle 11, I convinced an employee to “show me where in Aisle 11” I could find my nibbles. He couldn’t…but he accidentally found 2 bags shoved into a cracker display at the end of aisle 7. . A propitious find! (Bonus – the sun came out after dinner!)

Iced Tea with lemon wedge

Homemade…but it looked better than it tasted

Cheers to a promising weekend!