“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans,” – Allen Saunders.

I received a phone call Saturday night just minutes before I crawled into bed. I had spent almost 4 hours that afternoon working in the garden and I was exhausted. Our band, Rescued Possessions, was leading worship in the morning and I wanted a good night’s rest.

The phone call was from our lead guitarist’s wife…he had severely injured his foot Friday night and couldn’t play. Apparently he had emailed me Saturday morning to say he might be able to play sitting down…but I never checked my email. I made a few phone calls…our cajon player would be away at her daughter’s dance recital; our bass player was MIA…we were down to two vocalists and one piano. I fired off an email to a friend to see if he’d be willing to join us. I prayed and then I tried to get some sleep. Rescued Possessions would look and sound more like Rescued Pieces…

God is already working before we make plans…

I arrived around 9 and ran through the music before rehearsing with the other vocalist. The music was “thin” but I was feeling a little more confident (i.e., my stomach hurt but I didn’t feel like throwing up any more). We were interrupted by a phone call less than an hour before the service would start. My friend was coming! I printed the music…and we waited. God was providing…

We had just enough time to run through the music once. Then we went in the back room to work on the offertory – we had 10 minutes. I had carefully and prayerfully planned all the songs that we would sing as a congregation Sunday morning, including the offertory. And without our lead guitarist, we wouldn’t be able to do it. I was disappointed, but I needed to focus on Plan B. When my friend called to say he would be right over, Plan A was back in action, with a twist. You see, the song I had chosen to do earlier in the week…had been suggested by my guitar-playing friend so he knew it even better than I did! I played along with him but I didn’t even try to sing. My friend was not only a blessing to me, but a blessing to the congregation as well.

God knew long before I did, that Rescued Possessions would be in pieces yesterday…but He put those pieces together in His perfect timing and in a perfect way!