I’m going to start the week by practicing a very important word – “No”!

Try saying it with me. Open your mouth slightly, jutting your bottom jaw forward just a little. Press the tip of your tongue lightly to the back of your front teeth and start to hum. Keep humming and drop your tongue to a resting position, opening your lips a bit more before rounding them into an “O” shape. Practice until it flows quickly and smoothly. Then try varying it:

  • Use a sing-song voice;
  • Chuckle at the same time;
  • Say it with attitude;
  • Use a “surfer dude” or a “valley girl” accent;

Then try adding phrases and impressions to it, like “no captain! We haven’t got the power!”…or add hand gestures.

Above all, have fun with it!

This little word can be a powerful ally. It can keep you from filling your schedule with more commitments or play dates than you can handle. It will help you keep your “to-do” list manageable and your sanity intact. It can free you to accept God’s best for you instead of being overwhelmed, even by the “good”. Fewer commitments can lead to stronger bodies and healthier relationships.

Remember, we’re all getting older, so shouldn’t our wrinkles develop from smiles, not stress, and our silver hair be our crown from a life lived well.

So try it with me one more time…No….