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Last summer, I started writing down some “lessons” learned from the movies I was watching…and then, like my houseplants, it was neglected. So instead of “Life Lessons from My Summer Blockbusters” here are “35 Lessons from Some Movies I’ve Watched… in the past year”…

1) There could be a Zombie in your garden shed playing video games (better than the basement) (Shaun of the Dead)

2) The Winchester Pub is not a suitable place to “hole up” until it blows over. (Shaun of the Dead)

3) “I can never get the ant. If I just stop chasing the ant, I could get a million things done” (The aardvark, Pink Panther)

4) There are three options for Long-distance space travellers in hyperspace a) go nuts, b) evolve into cannibals or c) become bait…I’ve already chosen option (a) (Pandorum)

5) I have slept with significantly less than the national average number of guys (What’s Your Number?)

6) I’m too old to babysit. (Adventure in Babysitting)

7) Sometimes there’s more than one “bad guy”. (Halo: Forward Unto Dawn)

8) Trust your heart and learn to fly (Rio)

9) We can spend our whole life imagining another time was the “golden time”, but right now, the present is the “golden time”. (Midnight in Paris)

10) If you’re going to kidnap someone for doing something despicable, make sure you’ve got the right person first. (Suicide Kings)

11) If you reinvented and marketed yourself differently, you might have some amazing opportunities, you could also be missing out on meaningful relationships. (Syrup)

12) There are stories in every city that need to be told. (To Rome With Love)

13) If a plucky mollusk managed to drag his broken shell across the finish line, so can you. “No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small” (Turbo)

14) If the pizza delivery guy shows up with a bomb strapped to his chest (because he was kidnapped and blackmailed into robbing a bank), don’t look for how to disarm the bomb on the internet. Apparently “there’s not a lot of consensus in the bomb disarming community”. (I haven’t looked into this but everything is true on the internet, right?) (30 Minutes or Less)

15) Be thankful you don’t know anything about the personal lives of your kids’ teachers (Bad Teacher)

16) Rumours, even if started with the intention of helping someone else, will grow out of proportion and eventually destroy you. (Easy A)

17) Accept the signs of aging and scars of battle in one another and in ourselves as something to be honoured. (Chronicles of Riddick)

18) Announce your intentions (or your weapons) with flair. (Despicable Me 2)

19) A bad day involves being stalked by a professional killer, kidnapped from a hospital, and driven off a cliff…not things like spilling tea all over my new white sweater. (Hodejegerne /Headhunters)

20) Appearances are deceiving (How Does She Do That?)

21) Costco could contain an alien beacon (The Watch)

22) We all have unique skills and talents that we can share with others (The House Bunny)

23) There’s a “nut job” in every group (be careful…it might be someone you’re dating) (It’s a Disaster)

24) Keep your favourite treats stocked up before the end of the world…Also, Double tap, Cardio, Avoid bathrooms, Check the back seat, Seatbelts, and Enjoy the little things (Zombieland)

25) Give up the guilt and buy a pair of bigger jeans (Eat, Pray, Love)

26) Thanksgiving pizza means no cooking (I can live with that)!! (Free Birds)

27) Bros before Hos (or Jersey Shore boys) (The Three Stooges)

28) Don’t let Hubby tinker in the attic (unless you want a night alone with no kids) (Honey I Shrunk the Kids)

29) No more jelly beans…I know from whence they came (Hop)

30) Hot chicks can sneak onto space ships (Star Trek: Into Darkness)

31) Apparently really mean and ugly chicks can sneak on to space ships too (Aliens)

32) Penguins may be “cute and cuddly” but they are master spies (Penguins of Madagascar)

33) Guitar Hero skills may come in handy in a tight situation (Couples Retreat)

34) Unlikely pairings can lead to lasting friendships (Monsters U)

35) Everything is awesome! (The Lego Movie)


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