“Why are you embarrassed, Honey?” Hubby asked me…several times Sunday morning. His evil intent was to make me blush…I say evil because I was already scarlet from being sunburned, and the added fluorescent hue made me positively radiant…

I’m a little crispy around the edges today. I participated in a yard sale at the church on Saturday. I carefully organized, priced and packed boxes of toys and baby clothes (a trip down memory-lane that was bittersweet). Then I packed my car Friday, and again Saturday morning (to get all my crap there)!

6:30 a.m. came incredibly early. Between the tweens setting off fireworks at midnight, and the yappy dog visiting our neighbour, I didn’t sleep well. I managed to get dressed; I may have brushed my hair (but I seriously doubt it).


My first stop, of course, was to Tim Horton’s for an extra-large tea!

Yard Sale Table

   It was a beautiful day…sunny and warm! Hubby and Little Guy came too, to help me set up, but eventually I sent them home…Hubby’s browsing was making me nervous, and Little Guy was starting to have second thoughts about some of the toys on the table. I let him pick one to take home and promised him that the few others he was starting to regret would be his if they didn’t sell (most of them didn’t).

 Not long after they left, I was certain that it had to be close to lunch time…imagine my disappointment when I found out that it was only 10:00 a.m.

At the end of the day:

  • I really enjoyed hanging out with people I know, and getting to meet some interesting people;

Mr. Potato Head

  • I sold enough (or packed better) so I only have one car load to bring home (the trunk is still full and will have to empty before I can get groceries);
  • I made $57.10, most of which will go to Little Guy since they were his toys;
  • I got sunburned , especially my chest and left arm (yes, I was wearing sunscreen. And yes, I hung out in the shade some of the time);
  • I brought too much crap home; and,
  • The best purchase we made that day was a book for Little Guy…the third book in a trilogy…called Butt Wars (I kid you not!)

Move over Captain Underpants – we have reached a new level of potty humour!