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There are so many things I watch for to usher in Spring, my favourite time of year! The first signs include the return of the geese and the sound of dripping water. In a sheltered place, the sun “feels” warmer. I start to notice it isn’t dark at dinner time, and soon I’m waking to the sound of robins. My cardinal and his mate return and sing from the treetops (thankfully at 4 in the afternoon). Pavement (and potholes) appear and the trees begin to bud.  Everything is late this year so it’s hard to take Spring photos – my garden is still tiny leaves and the trees are just beginning to bud. Best of all, we are beginning to shed the bulky clothes of winter’s oppression and delight in simply being able to move unencumbered…

running on the rocks


For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you. It can be a flower in bloom (or a field of them!), a May Day celebration, or even some kids enjoying the sun after a long winter indoors. To see more Spring photos, click here!