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The snow has finally melted on the back patio (that we never use) and the evidence of my laziness is exposed. Rather than climb the stairs to dump the guinea pigs’ water in the toilet (when it was full of soft, soggy shavings), I developed the unfortunate habit of taking one step out the back door, and chucking it…

Consequently, my back porch and patio looked like a cotton field ready for harvest. In addition, the sun had dried the soaked stuffing to the concrete and it couldn’t just be swept up. I had to scrape my toe across each and every fleck of fluff to loosen it before flipping it into the dustpan…and since I’ve been too lazy busy to go buy a pair of runners, I had to do it in my new sparkly $7 Mary Jane’s. It quickly became a dull dance, so I decided to try and make it more interesting by adding a few jazz steps: Rond de jambe, step, rond de jambre, step, chassé, chassé, chassé, smile…By the end, all I was missing was a spin and some spooky fingers…and something to throw at the robin that was chuckling loudly from the apple tree. Surely he had more important things to do that watch this old bird bust a few moves….

Saturday was even nicer, and just like every year since we moved in, I vowed that this would be the year that I would wage war on the weeds and win! So I slapped on some sunscreen and put my booty in action. I spent hours cutting and laying garden cloth, shovelling cedar wood chips, cutting down small rogue trees, and generally just getting down and getting dirty. It was not as much fun as Mud Hero…I was rewarded with a Baconator Burger for dinner.

By Sunday, my back and my booty were both bargaining for a whole morning in bed, boasting aches and pains. They both lost and I battled my way to church, a little late. They were both rewarded to most of the afternoon on the couch…

There are still days of Spring cleaning to do outside, but it will have to wait until my back and booty bounce back…that, and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow… (I may need more bacon!)