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I’m in love…with a pair of shiny, deep red, snakeskin “Mary Jane” pumps…on sale (30% off)…and they’re just a little. Too. Big.

It turns out that what I needed most to help soothe my weary bitter soul was the healing balm of shoe shopping! “Clothes never look any good… food just makes me fatter… shoes always fit.” (Maggie, In Her Shoes). Shoes always look good…even when they don’t fit. And these shoes looked good!

What I really wanted to find was a pair of basic black heels since mine look like they’ve been chewed by a dog…and we don’t own a dog. Instead, I started to lust after other pairs: the black pumps with gray snakeskin toes, the black and tan stilettos, the sparky blue pumps with a silver heel like a bullet…I was drawn to the shiny shoes in bubble-gum colours – I just wanted to eat them up!

I didn’t grow up with a sense of entitlement or a dying need to have the latest brand name. In fact, when buying clothing and shoes, practical and price were far more important than pretty. There was room for pretty…but it came at a price!

In the end, I did buy a pair of shoes… The sales guy kindly checked to make sure they were both the same size (obviously not Canadian sizing) and that one was left and one was right. I’m glad he checked. I may have 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, but I can’t imagine running through my day with 2 left feet. He was chatty (and cute) so I mentioned I haven’t really shoe-shopped in almost 10 years, to which he replied “sacrilege”. The shoes weren’t red, snakeskin, or even heels…they are practical and they were on sale…at 80% off the lowest price – which made them only $7.00! And every woman reading this just sent me a mental “high five”.

It felt so good, I headed to another shoe store, where I apparently entertained a fellow shopper. I didn’t realize anyone was listening in on my mindless mutterings until she burst into laughter and told me I was “delightful”. Evidently, I muttered things like “I don’t have a death wish” while examining black stilettos, “where are we? The jungle?” while stroking a pair of zebra pumps, or “I look like my mother” while admiring a pair of white heels… (my mother, by the way, has great taste!!)

I lusted after a glossy pair of gold heels but just couldn’t justify them (even at $30) but the salesgirl gets a gold star for trying. I told her I worked in a church office and they were a bit “over the top” for an old church lady. But then again, would the pastors really notice….?

“Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” – Author: Unknown