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It has finally happened – that humbling, joy-inducing affirmation that I don’t completely suck at writing another writer (a good writer) likes my scribbling enough to trust me to “write in her space”.  I am a guest blogger. And not just in any space – I’m hanging out today in “Mommyverb’s” space!

I love MommyVerbs! She writes humorous, “action-packed” and thought-provoking posts about turning being 40, and fabulous, family adventures, and life lessons! She strongly believes in intentionally and joyfully “engaging each day…one action word at a time”. She challenges me to reflect and ponder and wonder…Sometimes she has moved me to tears – tears of laughter or tears of sorrow. I’ve even sung Starship with her in the shower…well, figuratively. I appreciate her honesty and introspection on the “mountain-top days” and the “that could have gone better days” because she is committed to figuring it out one day a time! Isn’t that pretty much what we’re all trying to do?

So head over there and hang out (and check me hanging out in her space too)! Happy Wednesday!