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If I seem grumpy, it’s because I am grumpy! I just got home from work. It’s Spring Break…Spring break…and it’s snowing again…10-15 cm to be exact. I probably wouldn’t have minded so much if we hadn’t started to enjoy some “Springy-er” days…

On Monday, I wore sneakers out and travelled on dry pavement. On Tuesday, when I dragged my tired body out of bed (while Hubby and Little Guy snuggled further under the blankets), the temperature was already over 0 degrees! I saw Canadian geese grazing in a field; I heard water dripping and birds chirping outside my window at work. I even took my coat off and drove with the windows down after I groceries.

And then it was Wednesday. I made it to the gas station, where the snow clung to my car faster than I could wipe it off. And I made it to work. The book keeper made it to work…but no one else did!

Facing winter was like a giant slap in face…literally snow slapped my face and body in gusts as I scraped the ice off my car (I tried to brush the snow off too but, like dust, it swirled and landed right back where it had been resting). I watched all day as the wind whipped the snow into a frenzy and the gas station on the corner disappeared from view. At home time, I managed to plough through the large drift in the driveway and head into a winter wonderland. The snow covered roads and drifting snow didn’t really bother me, but I admit it was a bit unnerving when everything completely disappeared into a wall of white.

I grew up in this stuff. I learned to drive in this stuff. Not so for most of the drivers in this city. They haven’t learned to adjust their speed based on the amount of snow on the road, or intuitively know how much pressure to apply on the pedals. They haven’t learned that driving 20 km/hr down the middle of the road is a great way to piss off the 2 lanes of cars behind them. Or that drifting into another lane without signalling is not the smartest move. My personal favourite was the guy driving in my blind spot while I had 6’ snowbanks on my other side and the snow on the top was blowing off, horizontally, like a ghostly phantom bent on my demise. He drove there for a long time… (I won’t mention that my lane was also mostly obliterated at the time by a deep snowy snare and I really wanted to avoid it). After I had barrelled through the drift, he careened around me, cutting me off with a wag of his tail and sped off. And what kind of car was he driving? Yup! A black BMW.

I should be used to it by now, having enjoyed such similar stormy days over the past 5 months…but it’s Spring Break. Spring…as in…Spring!

Tomorrow the temperature is diving into the negative high teens…with the wind chill making it feel more like -30C. And like the postman, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. I’ll be at work. I’ll probably be grumpy (just a warning). Hopefully I’ll be dressed (just another warning). Woo hoo! Spring Break…