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I saw it only once. My unicorn. My Eleanor, with a “For Sale” sign.

Hubby and I stopped to look it over…and to dream out loud.

I knew I would look so good. I’d wear over-sized sunglasses and wrap my hair in a scarf, like Grace Kelly. I would wear ruby red lipstick and nail polish to match the exterior. Baby car seat in the back and a personalized license plate – “Hot Mama”. V8 engine. Cherry Red. Convertible…top down, of course. My unicorn is a 1967 Mustang…

And when we were done admiring her, we got back into our car…and we drove away.

 This year, Mustangs turns 50! The first car rolled out on April 17, 1964…one dealer had to lock the doors of his dealership. A truck driver was so transfixed by it that he drove through the showroom window. One man slept in his new car overnight until his cheque cleared. During Launch Week, more than 4 million people visited dealerships and 22,000 cars were ordered on Day 1. Mustangs came with a selection of body styles, colours, options and engines (from mild to wild), and a base price of only $2,985. Mustang is now in its 5th generation!

These cars have appeared in a number of movies and television shows. In 1964, Tilly Masterson drove a Ford Mustang convertible in the movie, Goldfinger. Farah Fawcett gave the 1976 Cobra II sex appeal in Charlie’s Angels. K.I.T.T. in the TV remake of Knight Rider in 2008. And the best, “Eleanor” in Gone in 60 Seconds, in both the 1974 and 2000 version, were Mustangs!

In 1968, the ads claimed this car was the “gateway to a more exciting life”. Too bad there won’t be a Mustang appearing any time soon in my life. I’d love to listen to the rumble and burn some rubber!

 My unicorn… Happy Weekend!