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Every now and then someone makes a comment and I mean to “set the record straight” or simply “wrap up some loose ends”…but then I never quite get there. I leave it hanging, not that it really matters, but here we go:

#1: I have been blessed with 2 boys: Big Guy was my surprise baby – he just turned 24. He lives on his own, drives his own car, and occasionally remembers to call home. I’m guilty of not calling often enough either. I never want him to feel abandoned, but I also want him to have his own life and pursue his own dreams.  I’m thankful for all the special times we still get to share. How many Moms get to say they ran in the mud with their son?

Little Guy was my long-awaited baby, and he just turned 8. He has a generous spirit and a weird sense of humour. He is growing more independent every day…but still takes the time to swing by me with a fairy kiss or two. He’s my kind of kid!

I would have loved to have a daughter, but it just isn’t going to happen. That “ship has sailed” and I have had to accept it and move on. While I didn’t get to tie ribbons in their hair, having boys didn’t mean I missed out on all the things I would have done with a girl. We still had tea parties with calico tea and cookies. We still enjoyed picnics in the back yard, made sparkly crafts, and played with Barbies (proper play – not rip their heads off and play catch). I introduced them to classic old black and white movies (light on the musicals however), as well as Angelina Ballerina, Tinkerbell, and My Little Pony. We’ve shopped for jewellery. And I have taught them both how to walk in high heels, and how to slow dance. Both boys have brought me fistfuls of sticky dandelions in the Spring, and hammered me with snowballs in the winter. I will never be a mother of the bride, but I will wear the title “Mother of the Groom” with pride…someday.

#2: I do not have any grandchildren…I had a grand-hamster named Fidget, who belonged to Big Guy. Occasionally, like a good Grandma, I got to “hamster-sit” while Big Guy went camping. She came with us to her Great-Grandparents’ house for Christmas holidays, and I made sure there were presents for her under our tree. Fidget died of natural causes last spring when the ground was still frozen, and her Daddy couldn’t bear the thought of “burying” her in the dumpster out front…so he lovingly wrapped her up and tucked her in his freezer (it’s not like there was any food in there any way). She spent one night in my freezer (unbeknownst to me – and what a shock it was to find her) before Big Guy buried her in our back yard.



#3: This last one is a bit embarrassing to admit – I am a guinea pig “mom”. Over a year ago, a family in our church had a medical emergency and needed to find a home for their guinea pigs right away. No one stepped up…so we did! Our “girls”, Guinea and Rock Star (we didn’t name them either), are very much my “girls”. I feed them, I clean them, and I buy them treats (and water dishes – we are currently on #6 and I bought it in the dog food aisle). They travel in the car with us (in their cage) when we visit my parents and there’s no one at home to freshen up their water dish. They like visiting their Great-Grandparents because Papa spoils them! They can differentiate between my footsteps upstairs in the morning over the rest of the family, and start begging (or wheeking) when they hear me. Begging sounds like the shower curtain soundtrack in the movie Psycho…the closer I get, the more it escalates. They also shriek if you make kissy noises, cluck like a chicken, whistle like a cardinal, rattle a plastic bag, open the fridge door, chop vegetables, or run water in the sink. I can’t talk in the evenings when they are most active, because if they hear my voice, they will start begging too. They have exceptionally good hearing. If I had named them, I would have gone with something like “Laverne & Shirley”, “Thelma and Louise”, “Lucy and Ethel”…

…or Butterscotch and Oreo. Can you tell why?