I had big weekend plans – in a nutshell, they involved 1) sleeping in; 2) putting on clean pjs; 3) eating ice cream on the couch. While I did sleep in both mornings and I did put on clean pjs (Snoopy if you must know), I didn’t get to spend the weekend with Ben and Jerry. I was too sick to go to the store. I spent the majority of the weekend either on the couch or in bed. Hubby didn’t order in food – he did, however, pick it up. And there were no romantic walks to the fridge holding hands because, in Hubby’s words, “You might have the plague and I don’t want it”. Fair enough!

The sun was shining all weekend…and with any luck, I will be well enough to go to work tomorrow, just as another deep freeze sets in. I can hardly wait…

I'm Sick

        Happy Monday to you. I have another big day of napping and blowing my nose ahead of me!