I rounded the corner and there, in front of the church, was a truck and men in fluorescent orange overalls. I stared in disbelief, before finally letting out a loud “woo hoo”. It was Friday, the end of the week; it was Valentine’s Day (the worst day of the year), and it just got a lot better.

By this point, it had only been 7 days, 5 phone calls, 4 technicians (in vans with ladders) visiting “the scene of the crime”. I had spoken to over a dozen people and had been told 5 times over that “this is not our department”. All I wanted to do was to get the severed internet cable outside the building at the hydro pole (which is what I told them the first time I called) fixed. It wasn’t a done-deal when I arrived at work, but there was activity – men with orange overalls and shovels, pylons and even (shout a hallelujah with me), a bucket truck to string the wire across the 4 lane road (which is what I told them the first time I called). I appreciated the technicians confirming the problem (actually it went more along the lines of “you are 100% correct, ma’am”. I was so ecstatic, I let the “ma’am” part slide…).

After receiving a voicemail at home Thursday afternoon from the custodian, who had talked to the 4th technician, I was steamed. I came prepared to do battle Friday morning. I wore clothes that made me feel empowered: dark pants, white cami, black jacket and my “hooker” boots. I curled my hair and I applied my war paint make-up too. I looked less like a church secretary and more like one of Charlie’s Angels.

My jubilation was short-lived. Within 30 minutes, a man in a bright orange hoodie arrived at the office door. .He was pleasant man with gray hair and a jolly disposition. I took him to the Utility Room to examine our set up inside. On the way, he advised that his bucket truck was not equipped to handle such a long aerial run, etc. He chatted gaily about his upcoming cruise with his “girl” and all their kids – and I had to resist the urge to blurt out “take me with you”. He couldn’t give me a time estimate but promised to put us in high priority sequence so it gets fixed sooner rather than later. He was the first really competent and genuinely reassuring person I’ve spoken to yet…Today is a holiday – it’s Family Day! My boots are by the door; my war paint is waiting. I’m getting ready to do battle again this week…

All this because a hydro pole fell down in the night…