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And so begins another month! I had more fun doing these prompts and most of them do not even require an explanation…just the first one because it’s special! 🙂

February 3: Soft

Teddy BearMy Abominable Bear

Meet my Abominable Bear. My Dad made him. A million years ago, my Dad, a professional firefighter, sewed teddy bears and sold them in the local hobby shop. He didn’t make this one for me…I just stole adopted him over time…and up until a few weeks ago, he was unfinished (the stuffing was literally coming out his bum). I was jealous. My friend’s Dad had commissioned a special bear for her one Christmas, but my Dad didn’t make one for me. Years later, I regret being jealous. My friend still has her bear (his name is Edward), but she lost her Dad. I know she would give anything, even Edward, just to have a few minutes with him. My Dad hasn’t made a bear in years, so Abominable, made of extra special fur so he’s super FLUFFY, is the last one. In my opinion, he’s the best one! Thanks Dad for fixing his bum – just for me!

February 6: Shadows

Shadows on Snow

“Cool morning shadows sadly shift across the floor,

Each time we say goodbye it’s harder than before

Even after all the pain of parting still we find,

That we must mourn the death of the dreams we leave behind.”

 – Michael Card, A Fragile Stone: The Emotional Life of Simon Peter

February 7: Old School

Old Photo ScrapbookMy great-great grandparents and their children

“A photograph is a most important document, and there is nothing more damning to go down to posterity than a silly, foolish smile caught and fixed forever.” –Mark Twain

February 8: Hand Tinted

watercolour scrapbook

“After a thousand watercolors you will find you have fallen in love with paper and paint.” -Rex Brandt

February 9:  A Little Heart

Chalk Heart on Brick Wall

Every Love Story is Beautiful…

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