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I met a doctor yesterday who asked me if I had ever seen a bird’s brain? When I said, “no, but I imagine it’s very small”, he laughed and said, “yes it is. What’s wrong with us? They know enough to head south when it gets cold. Our brains are much bigger and we’re still here”. Seriously, he had a point. They are predicting temperatures in the -20Cs again and we’ve had two snow storms this week. The snowdrifts along the edge of the driveway (from shovelling more times than I care to count), is now over my head. Some would say that is no amazing feat since I’m only 5’ 1” (and a half – and the half is important), but it certainly made shovelling a challenge for me. More snow rolled down the slope back onto the driveway than stayed on the bank.

snow banks

It actually looks better in the picture than it does in real life.

Despite the snowing, and blowing, and bone-chilling temperatures, our schools have not closed – so no “snow days”. However, yesterday I got to enjoy part of a “non-snow day!

I took Little Guy to an appointment, dropping him back to school around 10:00 a.m.  I then went on to do an office supply run and headed to work. The difficulty was that the road right before the church was closed! I made several detours but kept coming up against flashing lights and Do Not Enter signs. So I parked my car and walked over to the police car parked in the middle of a 4 lane road. I’m sure the officer was wondering what kind of looney bin was walking up to her car. I explained that I was trying to get to work and she told me to go ahead. I felt like a rebel, driving down the empty road, pulling into the parking lot, walking in the back door while workers in neon orange vests sitting in bucket trucks stared. Cue Heart’s “Barracuda”. All I needed were my sassy green boots! I grabbed a few things and headed home for an afternoon of typing and Downton Abbey (yeah, I’m such a “bad girl”!)

It turns out the youth pastor had called and left me a couple of messages telling me not to bother coming in…but those messages…were at home…


So, we had hydro at work today and I didn’t have to cross any police lines, but the pole that went down, took out the internet. Next week will be interesting! AND it’s supposed to snow again – Cheers! It’s the weekend!!