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This weekend, we’re all expecting a furry brown creature to predict whether or not spring comes early. I wouldn’t want to be that critter (especially if he predicts 6 more weeks of winter – I would attend that lynching). But seriously, if someone hauled me out of my warm, cozy bed out into the cold, blinding world to see if I can see my shadow, I’d want to crawl back in my hole ASAP too! I won’t even share what words might just escape my lips on the way back in!

Coach Daddy once again compiled a list of predictions for our kids in 6 words from a group of friends, family, bloggers, blogger-friends – in other words, a great group worth reading (me included. I know, I ‘m shocked as you are)!  I don’t know if it was meant to be predictions for the year or for life, but I am confident mine will come try some day! Check out the full list and feel free to add your own in the comments. The more the merrier – Happy Weekend!

Predictions for Our Kids, in 6 Words.