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It seemed like such a good idea when I first signed up to take 1 photo a day for the entire year (capture your 365). I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about photography and to push me look at my world differently. And it is…but by the time we settled back into routines, 2 weeks had passed, and like all resolutions in the years before this one, it never happened (it’s a little chilly and snowy outside too and I prefer to hibernate indoors). Thank you to Danny Boy for his sage advice: “Just get the camera out and start taking pictures. Get going girl!” So this weekend, (in between laundry loads thanks to Vincent), I printed the list and picked just a few to start (it seemed more manageable that way)…

January 1: Celebrate

January 4: A Little Bit

DSC_0194 (800x533)

“In order to see birds it is necessary to become a part of the silence.” – Robert Lynd

January 6: Unique

Since I was already pulling things off my living room shelf, I pulled out my grandmother’s pickle cruet. The silver is worn away in many places and I have no use for it, but I think it’s a unique piece. I especially like the elaborately designed mini tongs that hang on the side hook.

pickle cruet

January 7: Natural Treasure

My grandfather loved to fly south in the winter, where he would rise early and walk the seashore for hours. He treasured the many seashells he gathered over the many years he travelled. His house was full of them, and he made me promise once, that if anything happened to him, I would rescue his shells before Grandma threw them out. Last March, I flew south and walked the beach alone. It had been less than a year since he died, and I was missing him terribly, when I stumbled upon this gray natural treasure. It sits on my shelf alongside many of Grandpa’s shells.

Sea shells

January 8: Blue

Grandma J. always liked pretty dishes and the colour, blue. This was one of her pretty bowls. The edges are fluted and milky, while stippled scallops sparkle on the underside. At the very bottom are four tiny pedestal feet.

blue depression glass footed bowl

January 9: Where I Stand


In my sassy green boots, of course! They are my muse for my midlife crisis and this blog!