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When that little blue car finally pulled in the driveway, I had to restrain myself from running out to it in my sock feet and throwing my arms around its occupant. That little blue car was the sweetest sight!

This year my Christmas celebrations didn’t quite go as we planned…but I expect we’ll be laughing about it in a few years, and to be honest, not going as planned doesn’t automatically mean it was a bad thing.

The Pre-Christmas Plan: Hubby & Little Guy were going to head to my in-laws on Saturday…without me so I was looking forward to having the house to myself – to do what I want, when I want. Hubby gets to do it every time I “run away from home” but I’m not sure I’ve spent a whole weekend alone in over 18 years. I was looking forward to watching Season One of Downton Abbey without interruptions and without comments from the “peanut-gallery”. Big Guy was coming down on Sunday and we planned an “Alien” marathon for the afternoon, and a movie on Monday night. I was working on Monday instead of the Friday after Christmas, so Big Guy and I (and the guinea pigs) would meet the others at my parents for Christmas Eve.

December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013


What happened: The Ice Storm 2013…

  • My green tomatoes turned red before I had a chance to bake them in a pie. I had to bake a cherry pie instead, and it was ugly.
  • Hubby and Little Guy ended up spending one night at Hubby’s parents instead of 3 nights. Instead, they made it half-way and ended up spending 2 nights with my parents.
  • I tucked in at home praying the power didn’t go out, and watching the ice build up on the trees and lines outside. I did get through Season 1 of Downton Abbey. Church was cancelled Sunday morning and Big Guy started his first of four, 16 hour shifts, clearing trees from roads and power lines.
  • I never lost power but family and friends living within half an hour of my house were without power for 1-4 days. My aunt and uncle spent four days freezing in the dark, including most of Christmas day.
  • I managed to drag a large tree branch off our road before I went to work on Monday. I brought a friend with me so she could charge her electronics.
  • Big Guy didn’t make it down for our movie marathon. In fact, when I headed “home” with the guinea pigs on Christmas Eve, Big Guy had called with the official word that he could be working the rest of the week. This is our second Christmas without Grandpa. Nana J. is in the hospital, and Nana R. is slowly slipping away mentally. Our large family gatherings (including anyone who might need a place to be) with multiple generations, are a thing of the past.

It was not the Christmas we envisioned…However, we still…

  • …gathered as many under one roof as possible. And those we were missing were telephoned and emailed, and remembered…
  • …had plenty to eat: turkey with stuffing and cranberries, mashed potatoes with gravy, birthday cake (for Hubby), cookies and tons of pie (Nana J. always insisted on more than one slice of pie – if there were 4 pies, you got 4 slices. They might be small slices…but you had to have one of each)!
  • …shared traditions and made new memories.
  • …opened gifts, unstuffed stockings, acted silly, laughed and hugged.
  • …experienced anticipation, expectation, hope, joy and love.
The sight of this hairy beast filled my heart with joy...and look, he brought me dirty laundry too!

The sight of this hairy beast filled my heart with joy…and look, he brought me dirty laundry too!

Big Guy spent time with family and friends in his city, which made this Mama’s heart a little happier. Finally his little blue chariot arrived 4 days earlier than his original estimate, and we did parts of Christmas again…and then my brother arrived with his family, and we did parts of it again…

I’m ready to curl up for a few days and let the Christmas candlelight embrace me…before I start to plan for a new year.