One piece of advice I recently heard to “help you survive the holidays” was to act like a kid again…so this week Little Guy and I spun in our seats in the mall food court and played a few games of bumper knees. No one seemed to notice but we were certainly smiling. My friend, Coach Daddy, recently did something pretty amazing with his daughter and brought smiles to the faces of a lot of people trying to survive the holidays. Check it out: If you get a Chance to Spend Black Friday with a Toucan…Take it!

Just a dad ...

toucan1 crop

Ever spent Black Friday with a toucan?

I have. I thought the toucan was a parrot. Toucans probably get ticked when you make that assumption. I should also mention this was not the wee hours of Black Friday when folks in Walmart are tossing roundhouses and uppercuts over flatscreens and Xboxes.

This was Black Friday afternoon – in the relative aftermath of such American doltery.

It wasn’t your average toucan. It was Camdyn, in a full-body toucan costume. We’d envisioned – when we both thought the costume was a parrot – we’d walk around the mall someday, I dressed as a pirate, she as a parrot.

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