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This Friday’s gem is really embarrassing…

TMIs suddenly manifest when someone says something that, in Hubby’s words, end up painting a mental picture “with broad, sweeping strokes”. What someone says may be innocent enough, but your brain (whether it dwells in the gutter or not) spontaneously fills in the blanks with…a terrible mental image.

The Scene:

Working on the computer at my desk. Someone enters the office. She says, “You look confused”…

What I (absent-mindedly) said:

“Yeah, I’m looking for sex.”

What I meant:

I’m entering contact information into the database using the manual (because I haven’t done this in a few years) and I’m trying to locate the box named “sex” to indicate this person’s gender.

Did I mention that I work in a church office?

Are you picturing SNL’s “Church Lady” in your head too?

You’re welcome! I’m just glad there were no smartalecks around to volunteer…Happy Weekend!

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