This was supposed to be My Week  – my week to pull it together, my week to hit the ground running (and actually get somewhere), my week to kick some butt. Instead, it’s been a week of:


Waiting…waiting at the doctor’s office (especially when they forgot about us), waiting for 5 hours for an oil change (even though I made an appointment), waiting for a phone operator to tell me why I was charged for a free service…

Tardiness…stuck in traffic, stuck in construction, stuck with no parking space at the school with 2 minutes to spare (which resulted in running through a soccer field in high heels and a short skirt)…

Frustration…with situations that drag on for months despite endless promises and good intentions, people who don’t listen, and BMW-drivers


So, for anyone with high expectations, I can feel something building and this is the warning because the week is only half over and this could still be My Week. In fact, things may on the upswing because that charge is off my bill…

MB Pic

Happy Wednesday!