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It seems like I’m posting the weekly photo challenge on Monday mornings but it’s not because I’m lazy…well, it’s partly because I’m lazy. It’s also because I’ve been cleaning and doing laundry, (still) painting my kitchen, and just generally trying to survive living!

This week’s challenge was “Eerie” – “a photo doesn’t have to be blatantly macabre to be eerie…but it can have a mysterious, otherworldly vibe — the viewer wonders what lurks in the shadows. Something eerie has a story to tell”.

I took this photo during a summer storm, one hot night in July (from the safety of the front door). It had been one of those oppressively steamy days, the breeze barely a whisper. But as the afternoon shadows grew longer, a hot wind began to blow, swirling the dust and grit. Dark rolling clouds of black upon black rolled in and thunder rumbled in the distance. As night fell and the thick black clouds started to thin out along the horizon, the sun made a final effort to be seen, making the very sky appear like it was on fire. It was eerie…


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