TMIs occur when someone says something vague and innocent that you misunderstand but that, in Hubby’s words, they end up painting a picture in your mind “with broad, sweeping strokes”. Dr Lars Muckli from the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology said, “Effectively, our brains construct an incredibly complex jigsaw puzzle using any pieces it can get access to. These are provided by the context in which we see them, our memories and our other senses”. In other words, what someone says is innocent enough but your brain (whether it dwells in the gutter or not) immediately fills in in the blank.

For the 5 Fridays in November, I’m going to share a TMI from my own life…

The Expression (commonly used in our household):

“But Hey…”


The TMI:

“Butt – Hay”: the little wisps of hair that peek over the top of a waistband…


Happy Weekend!