It’s official…I’ve been the big four-O for 6 months. Time has kept marching on, and instead of crawling under the covers and staying there (as tempting as that may be some days), I have done this…

Big Girl Panties

But that’s not the only thing I’ve done. In fact, the top 5 things I’ve done in the last 6 months are:

1)      In April I bought a car All By Myself!

2) In May, I got my tattoo. I have thought about getting a tattoo for a long. My reasons were well-thought out and for the most part, the response has been positive. I still take a peek in the mirror from time to time.


3)      In June, I was considered “cool enough” to play (one Sunday) with our youth band – The Pickleheads!

4)      In August, I ran in and survived Mud Hero – it was a BIG deal to me! (Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Finale)

Mud Hero Final (800x600)

5)      Last week, I came out of “retirement” and returned to the workforce…

On a side note, I’d love to add that I also bought bras, went undercover to purchase my Mom’s birthday present, went house hunting…and started to paint my kitchen. I’m still working on the kitchen…I may be 6 months in, but I think this sign says it all…

40 begins