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The leaves are changing, marking the change of seasons, but there is more of a dampness in the air than a crispness! Today marks a change of seasons for me too – I am officially coming out of retirement after 8 years (5 days from now it would be to the day).

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about this new adventure. It was kind of nice to have a less structured routine than I will have with a regular work day. For example, if it was drizzling like it was yesterday, I could postpone or spread out grocery shopping instead of cramming those two (or three) stores into one morning adventure. I can no longer crawl back into bed for a post-school trip nap. And I can no longer eat cereal for lunch…in fact, I have to pack a lunch or risk starving to death… This job will seriously cut into my Guitar Hero and Portal 2 time – not to mention Netflix. My kitchen will continue to get painted at a glacial pace.

On the other hand, I will have a reason (4 days a week) to dress like an adult and wear heels. I’ll brush my hair and wear make-up most some of the time. I’ll have a paycheck again. And this office environment will certainly be a lot better than the one I left 8 years ago. Instead of working long hours and eating through lunch at my desk, hunched over in dark cubicle, I will have my own desk by a window in a brightly lit office. Instead of wandering through the underground stores and walkways when I did escape for lunch, I can walk outside in the fresh air. The commute is only 20 minutes in my own car instead of walking/standing on a windy corner when it’s -20C for a smelly bus that isn’t coming…to take you to an overstuffed train with cranky uptight latte-swilling people in suits! The hours are fantastic, allowing me to take Little Guy to school and pick him up again. And there are no lawyers!

This change of season will be an adjustment for the whole family. I will have to be even more organized if I’m to keep the office and home running smoothly. Hubby will have to take over a few of jobs at home. Little Guy will have to help out too – maybe make his own breakfast?

My days of watching my stories and eating bon-bons all day are over (yeah right)…but I suppose, if I ever get caught without a lunch, I could still pack my Cheerios!