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It was a horrible, high-pitched, “fingers running down a chalkboard” kind of sound that sent Hubby running for the stairs…again. I ran for another window, gritting my teeth and blinking rapidly. The smoke was getting in my eyes.

There was no fire…just lots of smoke pouring from my oven. I was cooking fish – salmon to be specific – and it wasn’t going well. I don’t eat fish because I’m allergic to it, but every now and then I cook it for my guys. Tonight was less about cooking and more about trying to recreate a scene from Back Draft. Fortunately Hubby was home to deal with the smoke detectors. I can’t reach either one, and by the time I haul a chair up the stairs to reach the one of the top floor, the fire department would have been here. As much as I adore firefighters (my Daddy was a firefighter), this is not the way I want to meet the people in my neighbourhood. It could have been worse – I could have killed it…I will never forget the time my Dad came home from work to find the broom and smoke detector lying in pieces at the bottom of the stairs… (It wasn’t me…)

I drove through 2 constructions zones to buy this stupid fish, after driving to the paint store because my can of primer was…painted shut! I would have posted this morning, but the internet crashed while I was working on it. And then I got smoke in my eyes…Let’s hope that tomorrow will be a better day…

I’ve already decided – I’m not cooking!