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Once upon a time, I had this crazy notion that I wanted to run in the mud. Somehow I convinced a perfectly sane person to run in the mud too…and she convinced others. And together we ran Mud Hero – a 6 km, 18 obstacle race!


Did it feel as long reading through it as it did to me running through it?  I just didn’t want to forget a single detail! Believe it or not – I did anyway. Like G.I. Jane chatting up some girl near the end (she was really into him…and he didn’t get her phone number!!) or the fact that as they counted down the last minute to “run time” I nearly cried (not from fear but joy that I was actually able to do this)! I glossed over the excruciating trek back to the car when I wanted to cry again – I was just that tired. Did I mention that my chiropractor, who not only encouraged me but got so excited she pulled together a team too, drove by (during that long trek) and stopped to say “hi”?

I can’t begin to tell you how good it still feels, almost a week later, to look at that photo finish and see my face in that muddy crowd? Want to see it too?

Before the Mud!

Before the Mud!

Mud Hero Final (800x600)

After the Mud: Muscle Pose!!!

That’s me in the middle on the right with the glasses…my hair isn’t grey…it’s muddy!  Big Guy is wearing the cap behind me. How many Moms get to say they ran Mud Hero with their son?

Cleaning up all that mud was a chore because we were already exhausted! We met Hubby and Little Guy for dinner…in a nice restaurant…then I went home and showered. I should have dealt with the clothes first…

DSCN0938 (480x640)

The shirt on the right was not rinsed at the event, and it was caked in muddy slime (Mud Hero had an ad that said “Our mud is 100% organic and gluten-free”! The shirt on the left was rinsed, and as you can see, it made a small difference…it’s not quite as brown!  We found a new use for Hubby’s “crack ho“…

DSCN0941 (480x640)

Power Wash

We packed up Sunday and headed to my parents for the week, making as few trips up and down stairs as possible (too stiff and sore…)! Our clothes were washed first, and they are permanently stained. But I don’t care…as they say:

Mud Hero: The Best Part Never Washes Away!

DSCN0936 (640x480)

Happy Labour Day Weekend!