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I already know I suck! Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to prove it to all the nay-sayers. No, it’s not Mud Hero weekend…that’s next weekend Gulp! (which reminds me, I need to stock up on ibuprofen and plan my funeral)…this weekend I’m attending a Trial Run for Mud Hero at my friend’s house with some of my team mates. These people may be so sorry they met me!  Hubby will be there too and I’m hoping our camera is not! I don’t know what a Trial Run will involve, but then I don’t know what Mud Hero will involve either – I haven’t looked at the website because “ignorance is bliss”!

I have persevered with lifting my little (8lb) weights every other day. I have done push-ups and sit-ups, and occasionally I’ve gone for a few runs…but I still can’t say that I’m of sound mind or body (if I was sane, would I have actually registered for this? Or even seriously considered it?) So, if I don’t post for a few days next week, here’s a picture to remember me by. Please feel free to share your condolences in the space below.

My favourite picture

Happy Weekend!