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I’m sharing a post today (psst…I’m in it) from one of my favourite bloggers, CoachDaddy! He believes Daddy-ing and Coaching come from the same place! He is a husband, and father to 3 girls who keep him on his toes will all kinds of questions. Feel free to join the fun by adding  your own 6 words describing Summer Vacation with Kids!!  Here’s the link or just keep reading…Summer Vacation with Kids, in 6 Words.


I looked up, and it was over.

No, not the Colorado Rockies’ postseason chances, although those are gone now, too. I mean, the summer. Technically, we have a few more weeks of it, but the focus has shifted from “when can we go to the pool?” to “which one is the carpool lane at school again?”

In fact, as I drove to work recently wearing shorts, I heard a report from my favorite WFAE reporter, Lisa Miller, that some kids were already back at school. Poor kids. Or, happy parents. Whatever. (Actually, check out the story … it’s really good).

But without the added drama of baseball playoff dreams and with soccer practice just underway, it’s time to big adieu to summer with another edition of 6 Words.

This project, inspired by Hemingway’s assertion that any story can be told in a six-word sentence, calls upon a trove of parents from the blog world and beyond to sum up an aspect of parenthood in a mere six words.

The prompt this time: Sum up summer vacation with kids in six words.

Understandably, there’s angst, adoration, admonition and one really bad word among the sentences below. I hope you’ll enjoy the collection of perspectives, and visit some of the blog links.

1. “Sleeping in. Relaxing. Fighting. GO BACK!!”

Teri B., author of Snarkfest blog

2. “Seven days of soul-feeding with kids.”

Leslie P.

3. “Vacation: Never a vacation with kids.”

Erica S., author of Devin and Erica blog.

4. “Finding fun kid things to do!”

Lamar H., a youth basketball blogger

5. “Fun, Energetic, Memorable, Precious, Timeless, Priceless.”

Andrea P.

6. “The most exhausting fun ever had!”

Amanda T.

7. “Fun, exhausting, exciting, exhausting, magical … exhausting!”

Jamie J., author of Kreyv blog

8. “Needing a vacation after a vacation.”

Heather, author of Mommy Only Has 2 Hands blog

9. “Why is the pool closed today?”

Lori W., author of Loripalooza blog

10. “Summer with kids requires many cocktails!”

Molley M., author of A Mother Life blog.

11. “We skip through twilight and imagine.”

Andra W., author of The Accidental Cootchie Mama blog

12. “Counting down the days ’til August.”

Kimbra T., author of Mommy’s Rambles blog

13. “Visiting Texas attractions equals summetime fun!”

Jessica D., author of The Wondering Brain blog

14. “Summertime swimming, kids running, eating BBQ.”

Kimmy K., author of A Mom’s Point of View blog


15. “Must have structure, must see moose.”

Tamara B., author of Tamara Camera blog

16. “Driving through Redwood Forest, windows down.”

Lisa W., author of Planet Weidknecht blog

17. “Relaxing time to travel and reconnect.”

Rosie A., author of Mail 4 Rosey blog.

18. “Grounded or vanished, nothing in between.”

Karen, author of Baking in a Tornado blog

19. “Sunscreen, laughter and melted ice cream.”

Darcy Z., author of Tales from the Nursery blog

20. “Sand, water, bubbles – rediscover childhood wonder.”

Jenn S., author of Jenn’s Midlife Crisis blog

21. “No alarms, ice cream before lunch.”

Ilene E., author of the Fierce Diva Guide to Life blog

22. “Laughter. Spontaneous. Games. Swimming. Enjoyment. EXHAUSTING.”

Elena F., author of Cropped Stories blog

23. “We prayed it would not rain.”

Lillian C., author of It’s a Dome Life blog

24. “Creating memories that last a lifetime!”

Michelle K., author of Domestic Executive Online blog

25. “We’re always searching for missing flip-flops.”

Morgan M., author of The Inklings of Life blog

26. “Empty wallet, messy house, happy kids.”

Sarah N., author of The Momisodes blog

27. “Oh, dear God, please help me.”

Stacy B., author of Stacy Sews and Schools blog

28. “An exhausting discovery of comedic adventures.”

Melissa S., author of Home On Deranged blog

29. “One car, four kids, too many.”

Marcia D., author of Menopausal Mother blog

30. “Juggling it all. Exhausting, yet amazing.”

Kelly W., author of The Centsible Life blog

31. “Oh the packing and the whining!”

Katie S., author of Sluiter Nation blog

32. “Get prepared to test your patience!”

Pamela K., author of Renaissance Woman blog

33. “Sun kissed s’mores and “I’m boreds.””

Kateri S., author of Just Life: Take Two blog

34. “Sunscreen slathered on bald baby head.”

Nicole G., author of Working in Sweats Mama blog

35. “Sand in places you never imagined.”

Katie H., author of Practical Parenting blog

36. “The agony and ecstasy of proximity.”

Deb CG, author of Urban Moo Cow blog

37. “Abandoned toys; swings, sunshine, and watermelon.”

MaryAnne K., author of Mama Smiles blog

38. “Fun, exhausting, expensive, and worth it.”

Dani, author of Suburbia Interrupted blog

39. “Summer vacation camp keeps me sane.”

Jennifer B., author of Another Jennifer blog

40. “Requires guerrilla war tactics plus bugspray.”

Mary B., author of A Teachable Mom blog

41. “I’ll need a vacation after this.”

Barbara P., author of Barbara’s Beat blog

42. “Time spent learning and discovering together.”

Daniella K., author of Smart Allergy Friendly Education blog

43. “Bored? Really? Clean the litter box.”


44. “Babies and balls – base, that is …

Ashley R., author of Sorry Kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Othersblog

45. “Apparently, I’m not the kid anymore.”

Jenn G., author of That’s a Jenn Story blog

46. “Very chaotic and I need alcohol.”

Amber M., author of Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock at a Time blog

47. “Making memories to last a lifetime.”

Staci S., author of 7 on a Shoestring blog

48. “Memories are more important than destination!”

Kim T., author of Day with K.T. blog

49. “Bury my head in sand fun.”

Leslie, author of Time out for Mom blog

50. “Stay the **** home. I’m serious. :) “

Stephanie B., author of Momma be thy Name blog

51. “Bringing kids? Trip, yes; vacation, no.”

Emily H.

52. “Realizing how underpaid teachers really are.”

Theresa, author of Theresa’s Mixed Nuts blog

53. “Sun. Run. Fun. Done. And. Repeat.”

Chris C., author of The Mom Cafe blog

54. “Lazy hours pass by too quickly.”

Dana H., author of Kiss My List blog

55. “Hanging out with family making memories.”

Renee K., author of My So-Called Mommy Life

56. “Canadian summer is not over yet!”

Leah D., author of Raising Flowers and Skids blog

57. “My early summer memories sustain me.”

Laurie S., author of The Adventure of Writingblog

And one more that didn’t fit the 6 Words criteria, but comes from one of the greatest teachers of all time:

Anticipation, vacation, no routine!

Boredom, whining, school bell needs to ring!