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“Heck.” Jim sniffed north, Jim sniffed south. “Where’s that storm?” […]Will let the wind ruffle and refit his clothes, his skin, his hair. Then he said faintly, “It’ll be here. By morning.” –Ray Bradbury, Something Wicked This Way Comes

In our case…it was Friday night. All week long, we had been experiencing a heat wave. A “heat wave” is defined as three or more consecutive days with temperatures above 32C. With the humidity, it felt more like 40+! It was an intense few days, the kind that when you walk outside, the heat seems to suck the air from your lungs. When you move your body, there is no sensation on the fine hairs on your arms. Some guy on the news baked pre-packaged frozen chocolate chip cookies in his car. I wonder if they were edible…

When there’s intense heat and high humidity, and then a cold front moves in, there are thunderstorms. I’m not going to explain what causes thunderstorms, but if you’re interested, click here. I already know hot + cold=ka-boom!


Thursday, we saw a lot of cumulonimbus clouds roll by. They’re the big ones that can bring torrential rain, straight line winds, and flash flooding. It rained briefly for us, but the sun kept on shining so once it floated past, we went swimming.


Friday was a different story. It was hot and a strong, unrelenting wind blew all afternoon. We knew “something wicked this way comes”. It arrived right around suppertime, just as we were heading out the door.


By the time we got to the restaurant, it still hadn’t rained but the wind was so strong that as we raced to the door, small bits of gravel power-washed our legs and filled our shoes. It rained eventually – sideways – and then it was mostly gone. Part of the town had lost power but we were okay.

I got a call from Big Guy around 8:30 p.m. His city had been hit hard – he would be working all night to clear trees from the hydro wires. Just the kind of news a mother wants to hear. We sat on the couch and watched the lightning over the corn field. Tall black clouds rolled by quickly along the horizon…and then the setting sun tried to peek out one last time. It created this eerie glow across the whole sky.


I received a text around 11:30 p.m.: “One down…29 to go”. Sunday afternoon he posted on Facebook that he had worked for 12 hours, crews were still going, and would likely be going day and night for several more days. The clean-up in my home town continued into Sunday afternoon. Little Guy and I stopped by my Grandmother’s house to drag downed branches to the curb…in our Sunday clothes. Something wicked came and thankfully, it didn’t remain!