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 Supplies needed:

Thick paper plates…stacks of them!
Hand-held hole punch (the spongier the better. If it can’t punch paper, it’s perfect! )
Masking tape (preferably the type that sticks for 10 minutes and then slowly starts to peel)
Markers or pens (it’s more fun when it causes frustration because it doesn’t have any ink, or threatens to ooze all over your hard work)
Oven Mitts (oven mitts??)

We’re making shakers today! Volunteers already prepared 40 shakers – but I needed close to 20 more. I had volunteers trying to help today, in between classes, but only 1 out of 6 handheld punch almost punched holes. So I packed up the plates and the tape, and headed home for a fun-filled afternoon.

 14 shakers = 28 paper plates. 14 holes per plate = 392 holes


1. Punch approximately 14 holes along the edge of one plate.

2. Label one hole with a symbol, on the inside of the plate with the leaky pen.
3. Lay the plate with the holes over top of another plate, eating surfaces together.


4. Trace the holes.
5. Label the hole that coordinates with the first plate.

6. Punch holes in the second plate on your inky marks.

7. Tape the plates together with the holes matching.

 Sounds simple, right? These steps represent a couple of hours of trial and error (mostly error)

 By the time I had completed 3 shakers, the palm of my hand was bruising. I couldn’t squeeze the punch by the end of the first plate so I had to rest the punch on the table and push down with my full weight – that usually worked. Usually. That’s where the oven mitts came in.


Personally, I thought it was brilliant! By the time I finished 5 shakers, I had worked up a great sweat…and I decided to hit the showers! By the time I finished 10 shakers, it was time to break out the ice pack…and call in reinforcements. Hubby finished the remaining 4 shakers…in less than 5 minutes. I should have called him in sooner and saved myself a lot of some time!

Once the shakers were packed away, all I had to do was cut 58 strings for the kids to sew them together, attach a piece of tape to one end…


…and decorate my own shaker! I had no idea that this would be such a diabolical kids’ craft. I can hardly wait to make toilet paper binoculars tomorrow…it requires holes as well…