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Like most small towns, there are local characters, favourite haunts, and hidden gems that make your “home town”, your home town. My small home town is no different. There are characters that everyone knows, sites and architecture that define the landscape, and local specialties that you just can’t buy anywhere else. In my home town, KT Burgers are an institution, sold for many years at the same tiny downtown eatery, which served this town for 47 years! When the eatery closed, I thought the KT burger was gone forever…but something this good needs to be shared with the next generation.

The name, KT, comes from the name of the town’s hockey team, which was called Kelly Tiremen, from 1966 until 1980.

Start with double pure beef patties cooked on a griddle, not a grill. Smother them in a rich homemade BBQ sauce, and sandwich them between a fresh, processed cheese, green relish and chopped onions (the only time I’ll eat raw onion)! Cue “angel music”…The secret is in the sauce, but only the family who invented it (and who ran the eatery that started it) knows what the secret is, and it’s so closely guarded that the family makes and sells it to the restaurant now selling KT Burgers in town. KT sauce is sweet and pleasantly tart, with a tiny bit of heat.


Last weekend, I savoured a KT Burger…and my Aunt was kind enough to snap an unflattering picture. Fortunately, it’s too small a picture to see the sauce running down my chin, oozing down my fingers (I liked them all…multiple times)…or to see how efficiently I can jam it in! Even the waitress was impressed that I ate it all…she politely remarked that “You did a good job! I’ve had big men in here who can’t eat the whole thing”…thanks!!

It may be a small hometown burger, but it packs a big taste!


Happy Weekend!