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The temperature this week has been in the high 30s (with humidity we’re pushing 40C), so it isn’t surprising that every now and then it clouds over and it rains, hard. Tuesday night it rained hard a couple of times before the sun popped out again. Then the lights went out. We were done eating supper and suddenly Little Guy was out of activity options: no television, no Xbox, no computer games.

We passed some of the evening reviewing his report card and conducting a mini math quiz (mean parents!!) Then he was “bored” with my options: read a book, play a game, etc. He got out Chinese Checkers but just wanted to make patterns with the pegs. Then Little Guy and Hubby did a puzzle and timed themselves, while I curled up on the bench by the window to read. I forgot how good it feels to just sit and read.

I read 7 chapters of Captain Underpants at bedtime, with the blind rolled up. Then curled up in the bed beside Little Guy to tell him stories about other blackouts…

Like the big ice storm when I was in Grade 5 and we got sent home from school early. A friend’s Dad drove me home because we couldn’t get my Mom on the phone – that was because a tree branch nearly as long as the house, had knocked down all the wires. It fell so close to the house that it scraped the stucco and we had to climb though it to get in the back door. My Mom, brother and I (and the cat) holed up in my parents’ bedroom to try to stay warm, and wrapped Christmas presents. My Dad was a firefighter and had to go out to direct traffic since there were no streetlights. He came home long enough to cook us hotdogs on the camp stove, with the kitchen door open in case of fumes. We listened to Charlie Brown’s Christmas and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on a radio connected to a large flashlight battery, and we slept on the floor. We were late for school the next day because the alarm clock didn’t go off.

Like New Year’s Day when Little Guy was 1 and we were at my parents’ house – the power went off when Little Guy was asleep and when he got up from his nap, he was very upset that the light switch didn’t work. We had been playing games by a camp lantern, and enjoyed our turkey sandwiches by candlelight.

Like the big black out of 2003 when I was alone and trapped downtown on the 35th floor of an office building (but that’s a story for another day…)

I was just about to head downstairs when the electronics whined back to life. Part of me started to ponder if we should have more “black out” evenings and choose to be unplugged! The house was starting to get warm and the prospect of an evening sitting in the dark loomed large…but what’s so bad about getting a little bored?

I didn’t ponder long… Hubby’s brother had a technical emergency and we still had no internet so Hubby had to go out. Plus So You Think You Can Dance was on…