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That’s what I did last night…I played with the Pickle Heads! The Pickle Heads are the Awana youth band at our church and they will be leading music in the first Sunday morning service led by all the kids and youth. Last night was the first practice, and for that Sunday, I am the Pickle Head Pianist. I am really excited for them and really excited to be part of it.

It went pretty well…I only channeled my Grandmother once or twice. I caught myself thinking, during the break, “do they have to play that loud?” and “does he only know that one song?” I rejected the thoughts immediately – that kind of thinking makes me feel “old”!

After rehearsal, we did a team building exercise – we played a board game. That’s when I really started to feel old. First, we sat on the floor, and I seriously wondered if I’d ever be able to get up. We played the game, Apples to Apples. Each player has 7 red cards containing nouns, names of famous people, fictional characters, etc. One player chooses a green card with an adjective – some we had last night were manly, mischievous, and unusual. The other players must choose a card from their hand that they feel best fits the word on the green card, and lay it down, upside down. The player with the green card shows the red cards and chooses the one that they think best suits the word on the green card. The person who collects the most green cards wins the game. Some of these guys didn’t know a lot of the “famous people” – like Katherine Hepburn, Rosie O’Donnell or Whoopi Goldberg. Ok, not exactly super current pop icons, but…really? I understood when they didn’t recognize names like Dr. Kavorkian or Confucius. I even understood when they didn’t know about the movie, Casablanca. Most teenagers don’t watch black and white movies from 1942.

I also realized I don’t think like they do any more (did I ever?). For example:

Word My Card Winning Card
Unusual National Enquirer (they didn’t know what that was either) High school bathroom
Quiet Log Cabin Bingo
Mischievous Julia Roberts Leeches
Manly Darth Vader The Little Mermaid

Obviously, I didn’t get any cards. What I did get was another sampling of how it feels to be “old”…So this “old” Pickle headed home at 9:00 o’clock and ate a bowl of cereal before putting the Grandma in my head, to bed!