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Last weekend, Big Guy came home with some laundry. But his choice of transport for this stinky pile of towels and clothing was this:

Oh my!

Oh my!

At first glance, you probably chuckled or, like me, rolled your eyes and sighed…

But if you think about it, a garbage can and a laundry basket are both vessels used to contain something. The only difference is what you choose to contain (except for maybe the smell…) At least it was brand new and clean?

Big Guy was able to bring down a lot of dirty laundry and this Mama got it all “de-funked” for him…the hard part was figuring out how to fold clean laundry to put it back in…I’m very thankful he made the car trip down without losing consciousness!! I sent him home with his can of clean clothes, buckled into the front seat. Wish I’d had my camera then!