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I am officially inked!

I believe my reasons were honourable. Wednesday “morning” (they open at noon), my friend & I arrived at the Tattoo Parlour to do the “dirty deed”. We had visited the week before to ask questions a whole lot of questions, including “can you do something like this?”, and I showed them the necklace I had chosen. I set the date and paid my deposit.

What do you wear to get a tattoo on your shoulder? How much is it going to hurt afterward (i.e., will I be able to stand a bra strap)? After my morning shower, I tried on several outfits – tank tops, a sundresses, etc. It would have been easier if it had been a sunny day. I finally settled on jeans and a strapless bustier (that is now too big after all the weight I’ve lost, and threatened to spin around entirely). Yes, I felt a little overdressed and very skanky, but it was muggy outside and I didn’t have to worry about straps. Of course, an adventure wouldn’t be an adventure without my sassy green boots!

I was nervous on the way over, so I picked up Henry (O Henry) in a convenience store. He calmed me right down. Then my friend asked the guy in reception if they numbed the skin first. Like that’s something I wanted to think about right then! He said some places do, but it’s better to get the full experience. Gulp! He also said it felt like being snapped with an elastic. My big brother was a pro! I was going to be okay

Once the paperwork was done and Tyler, my artist, was all set up, he took me to his cubicle, to explain the procedure. Tyler was built like a football player, over 6′ tall and broad, with a long, fuzzy red beard, and large ear plugs. His cubicle was decorated with an eclectic blend of kitschy memorabilia. How appropriate that I would have a whimsical tattoo artist!

After the explanations, Tyler applied the stencil, and I had to check the location. Stencils can be removed!

REALLY bad picture of me - I'm making a face at my friend!

REALLY bad picture of me – I’m making a face at my friend!

Next I watched him open the packaging and put together his instruments. Everything is disposable so there is no possibility of cross-contamination. Next, I lay on the table and using water, he gave me a shot so I could see whether I could handle the discomfort. Yup, still good! The actual tattoo took less than 10 minutes. And we were on our way!

Ready for the reveal?

 tattoo2 tattoo3

Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of your own back?

Happy Weekend!