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A week ago, I was heading to my parents for the weekend, with Big Guy, Little Guy, and my grand-hamster, Fidget. As soon as we left the school parking lot, Little Guy was pulling out his portable DVD player, so Big Guy and I plugged in some 80’s tunes for our Road Trip! Want to play along?

While Big Guy played the opening bars of each song on our 80’s Billboard cds, Hubby and I would try to name the song and group first. Hubby did better in the early years, while I rocked the later years.

Big Guy picked a cd at random – 1982! The first song was 1) Harden My Heart by                                    – and I couldn’t remember the words…but I can still belt out Gloria by Laura Brannigan! I used to power skate to this song during the Friday Free Skate at our local arena. By that point, I had already been figure skating for 3 straight hours – how did I find the energy, and why can’t I find it now? Next, we knocked at all the appropriate times for 2) Who can it be now? by                                 at Work…When 3) Open Arms started by                              I started gagging (apparently very realistically), then belted it out, intentionally slightly off-key. Big Guy immediately flipped to the next song…so I kept singing, and he (jokingly) smacked me in the head. If I had done that to my mother, I would have been expelled from the car! Evil child! I got him back during 4) Don’t                 to Strangers by Rick Springfield by yelling “Look! It’s Willie Nelson…[One time Big Guy made “friends” with a transport truck driver who looked like Willie Nelson. Big Guy had been waving at every truck driver to get them to blow their horn, but this particularly (creepy) fellow (gray braids and all), decided to “play” more…he’d pass us, waving and blowing his horn, then pull in front of me and slow down…I’d get frustrated and pass him…and he’d wave and blow his horn as we went by. This went on for a loooong time. We joked about it (even though we both thought it was creepy) partly because we didn’t know who he was waving at…]We sang through 5) Maneater by                        and Centrefold by the J. Gells Band. Hubby can remember singing this song a lot when he worked at a Pit Stop place…he was 18…I was 8…amazing how a 10 year age difference can make things sound just plain wrong!!!

1986 boasted songs from 2 Tom Cruise movies – back when I didn’t think he was a sleazy dork who can’t act: 6)                                      to Love by Robert Palmer in the movie, Cocktail, and 7) Danger Zone by                           in 8)                               . We also sang through 9) Walk Like an                                  by the Bangles, 10) Stuck with You by                              &                   , 11) Venus by                                                 (yeah, baby she’s got it), and one of my favourite groups, 12) Mr.                                    , singing Kyrie.

1988 was a BAD year. With the exception of – no, wait! Not that one either. Big Guy likes it: 13) Don’t worry, be                         ! A one hit wonder. I also hate the song 14) Anything for You by Gloria Estefan &                                                                  . Just look at the lyrics: “I’d still do anything for you, I’ll play your game. You hurt me through and through, but you can have your way”. She obvious has no self-respect. Next!

1984 was an improvement, with the best song being Ghostbusters by 15)                                                                           ! We tried to get Little Guy involved…but he was too far gone into his movie! We also sang a rousing rendition of 16) Owner of a                                     Heart (Yes), 17) Wake Me Up Before You                 by 18)             ! and 19) Talking in Your                          by the Romantics. Apparently I have been known to do #19! At this point, we were near a rest centre and I asked if anyone needed to “go-go”!

1983 was a good year…Men at Work- 20)                                          (“…where beer does flow and men chunder”), 21) Africa by                Maniac by Michael Sembello, and 22)                        Avenue by Eddy Grant. The movie, The Wedding Singer, kept playing this truly sappy song by Spandau Ballet: 23)                         so we skipped it. We also skipped Bonnie Tyler’s 24) Total                                 of the Heart and Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? (why, yes…yes I do) by 25)                                      . Big Guy suffered through the last one, whose opening line is 26) “I know just how to whisper, and I know just how to cry…” by Air Supply! (Barf)!

We picked it up again on the Monday afternoon trip with 1985 – another good year:

27) Lover Boy by Billy                                  

28) Shout by                                                  

29) Glen Frey’s, The                is on

30) We Built This City by                  

31) Huey Lewis & The News again – The                  of Love

The Theme Song from Miami Vice? Yes indeed! Pink shirts and white suits! The only song that embarrassed Big Guy was Oh Sheila by Ready for the World – ok, I was embarrassed too. If you don’t remember it, don’t waste time looking for it! And my all-time favourite: Broken Wings by Mr. Mister for sentimental reasons I’ll keep to myself! Smile.

1981 – we skipped through them quickly. The only notable one was 32)                                           Eyes by Kim Carnes…I failed Big Guy – he didn’t know she was an actress (not Kim Carnes) and Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

Bored yet? We were too…and we skipped 1987 completely. We switched to other groups: The Eagles, Right Said Fred (I’m Too Sexy), Disturbed…and Sir Mix-a-Lot (Baby Got Back- that was slightly disturbing)! So while I had trouble remembering the words of the first song, I knew the words to nearly a decades’ worth of other songs. When I can no longer remember my own name or where I put my keys, I know I can sing Don’t Worry…Be happy! (Crap – now that song is stuck in my head…)

 Did I trigger any ’80s flashbacks for you?



1)      Quarterflash

2)      Men

3)      Journey

4)      Talk

5)      Hall & Oates

6)      Addicted

7)      Kenny Loggins

8)      Top Gun

9)      Egyptian

10)  Huey Lewis & The News

11)  Bananrama

12)  Mister

13)  Happy

14)  Miami Sound Machine

15)  Ray Parker Jr.

16)  Lonely

17)  Go-Go

18)  Wham!

19)  Sleep

20)  Down Under

21)  Toto

22)  Electric

23)  True

24)  Eclipse

25)  Culture Club

26)  Making Love Out of Nothing At All

27)  Ocean

28)  Tears for Fears

29)  Heat

30)  Starship

31)  Power

32)  Bette Davis