Confession is good for the soul. I confess I’m not sure how to go about accepting the very inspiring, Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Me? Can you believe that? Ok, can you try to believe that?

Mommyverbs nominated me a few weeks ago, and JT Weaver nominated me this week…I’ve waiting for them to post a message telling me they were only joking, but no message has arrived. I’m really shocked and very humbled! Thank you both, for your encouragement and your sensational blogs. Most days, I confess, I haven’t got a clue what I’m doing, and I get so excited when even one person clicks that magical “LIKE” button at the bottom, lighting up the orange star at the top of my stats page. If I was allowed, I would nominate them right back!

In order to accept this award, I’m supposed to confess post 7 things about myself…

1)         I usually write my blog posts in the evening, and then I set it up to publish around 7:30 the next morning. If there isn’t a post or it’s late, I was out late, brain-dead, or too distracted to complete my post…

2)         At 7:30, the next morning, I am awake, but I look like Debra Messing when she woke up at the end of her flight to London, in the movie The Wedding Date – frizzy hair, smeared make-up, and very little will to live.

3)         While I refuse to go out in public in my pjs (unless it’s to the curb on recycle day…and that one time I went to school on pj day, even though I wasn’t staying…), I confess I have gone whole days without brushing my hair…and I have gone out in public. On those days, I’ve probably just tied in a ponytail knot.

4)         I only wear make-up on Sundays and days when I’m pretty confident I’m going to run into someone I know.

5)         I’ve already mentioned that I sing in the car. I just realized that the stereo in my new car automatically adjusts the volume in respect to my speed. I hate it.

6)         This past weekend was Tough Mudder – obviously I didn’t participate. My teammates bailed on training after Christmas…and I bailed as a result. I’ve done 10 push-ups and lifted my weights once in the last 5 months.

7)         And finally, I got cocky when I saw that wonderful low number on the bathroom scales…and I cheated with Henry (O Henry!) twice last week (Right about now, Hubby is realizing that he only had 1 in a package of 2…but at least I shared?)

Now I’m supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers, but I am not sure I know 15 other bloggers…my world is still very small…so I’ve compiled a list of 10 (in no particular order)…I am inspired by the dignity (and often the humour) these bloggers share through every day events, and as they chase or live their dreams. Thank you!

1) Coach Daddy

2) Traci Carver

3) And Now for the Second Half

4) Midlife Traveller

5) Travelling Crone

6) The Camel Life

7) Evil Squirrel

8) One7 Blog

9) Quickwittier

10) Prego and the Loon

Isn’t it pretty?

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