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Last night we went to look at 2 houses in a neighbouring town. Before anyone panics, we’ve talked for quite a few years now about moving to a more rural setting, but as long as Hubby is in the field he is it, we are tied to this area. And our house needs a lot of TLC before it goes on the market.

The first house we saw looked great on paper…and then we pulled up to the curb. Even before getting out of the car, we knew it was a “NO”! The outside looked neglected – scruffy yard, cracking exterior, rotten wood…and then we went inside. I’m not sure what I noticed first – the stained green carpet or the overwhelming smell of cat. We couldn’t find the light switch in the first room, and that was just as well. I loved the large eat-in, country kitchen but I didn’t love the 8 bowls of food and water strewn everywhere for the pets (we saw 3 cats and evidence of at least 1 dog). The living room was being used as a bedroom (even though the front door opened into it). Who puts a dated master bathroom off the living room? Talk about conversation starters when company visit (i.e., “Pardon me. I need to visit the little men’s room”…). There were water stains on the ceiling of the other downstairs bedroom, and the carpet was greasy under my bare feet. The upstairs bedrooms were huge and all decorated in the ugliest 1980’s wallpaper imaginable. And let’s not forget to complete the look with lots of brass and horsey accessories! Let’s just say I wanted to burn my clothes and bathe like that dude in The Crying Game.

The second house was an immaculate semi-detached – shiny hardwood floors, open concept, ample counter space. It was like walking into a magazine spread. Such a far cry from the first house…but it only had 3 bedrooms (but 3 bathrooms) and had less square footage than our current (small) house. I found it odd that the inhabitant(s) kept 3 aquariums in the basement and each housed a rather large piranha…is that how they dispose of any bodies?

The first house made ours seem like a palace; the second house made ours seem like a dump! We have a lot of work ahead of us if we should decide to sell our home – lots of little jobs that I lack the skill to do, lots of “stuff” to sort through (not all of it is mine!), and so little motivation or energy to do it. But we really should get ourselves in gear, even if we don’t move any time soon. I’d like to start with another shower…