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“DON’T PUSH ME”. Three words in my face. Big, white letters on the back of a large, black dump truck. All in CAPS. I didn’t want to be late picking up Little Guy at school, and I was hitting every freaking red light…and then I got stuck behind this dump truck. This Mama felt like pushing that slow-moving dump truck, willing it to either go faster or get off the road!

Watching those words bouncing along in front of me, I imagined (thanks to the movie, Cars), a large, grouchy cartoon dump truck being startled as a snarling mini cartoon car starts pushing and shoving the truck, trying to make it move faster. At first the truck just laughs a gravelly laugh…but then he starts to get annoyed. He can’t shake the little mini car, and a Dr. Suessian parody of what happens when we lose our temper ensues.

I wonder who put the sign on the truck? Did they ever experience my cartoon scenario in real life?

Wouldn’t it sometimes be nice if people wore signs like that? You know, like “I’m wearing explosive toddler poop. Don’t Push Me.”, “I’m suffering with PMS. Don’t Push Me.”, or “I’m a narcissistic, misogynist in a BMW. Don’t Push Me.”…ok, maybe not the last one…

Body language doesn’t always clearly communicate that message – it’s too easy to miss the signals and pay for it with a good tongue lashing. We lash back and suddenly
we are wholly engaged in a full-scale assault! There have been a few times that I have evaded a battle with Hubby because I recognized my own “Don’t Push Me” signals and I told him. Sure, it was awkward and a little embarrassing, but armed with that information, Hubby could tread lighter until the danger had passed. We “played” nice.

I played “nice” with the truck. I didn’t push him by tailgating and I tried to enjoy the ride. I also arrived on time. I wonder what would happen if we all learned to communicate better on the true “Don’t Push Me” days? (True in terms of not manipulating, not abusing, & not excusing a bad attitude by saying “Don’t Push Me”). Would we “play nice”? Would we enjoy the ride more? Would we arrive at our destination happy and safe?