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The “Big Day” is only a few days away, and I’m trying very hard to ignore the imminent toll of the bell – it tolls for me! I’ve been reciting “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light” (Dylan Thomas). It may seem melodramatic or downright maudlin, but you’re not the one about to turn…the Big 4 0 (gulp)! I can remember my Dad turning the Big 4 0 – my brother and I made a sign that said “Lordy, lordy, look who’s 40” and taped it to the deck fence for all to see. I know Dad was not impressed but the sign stayed up all day (I’m guessing Mom told him, on behalf of his insensitive children, to leave it alone – Thanks Dad!)

There’s so much I had hoped to accomplish before my youth fled like a bat out of…some place not very nice! So many adventures. So many blog posts… Sensing that the end was near (and there isn’t time to get my tattoo…which is now an “after 40 adventure”), my time taken up with so many appointments to keep the family wheels on the road, I did take some time yesterday to get my hair done (at the place that costs more than $15 for a cut), to eat greasy food with a friend (McDonald’s because I got my hair cut at the place that costs more than $15 a cut), and to shop! I may not have my tattoo (yet) but I did purchase a biker jacket (leather would be nice but “pleather” is all that fits in our budget…I just bought a car after all)! It felt good to head off to band rehearsal (and by band, I mean rock band, not concert band) in tight jeans and a biker jacket, my long hair swishing like one of the original Charlie’s Angels…and of course, my sassy green boots!

I have no Big plans for the Big day…Little Guy has school; I have to do our taxes and buy groceries. I’m ordering pizza for supper and buying something with chocolate for dessert. I’ll lament my losses over the weekend by eating lots of sinful things. Big Guy already took me out for crepes filled with cream cheese, raspberries, and vanilla cream. Cheesy pizza tomorrow night right before I am leading an evening worship service (ack)! And I may have to cheat with Henry (O Henry!) one last time…before I turn 40! You know the saying: once a cheater – always a cheater!

And come Monday?

Big Girl Panties

Happy Weekend!