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After a week of negotiations, I drove the new car today, and I must say, the “new car smell” is intoxicating!

Last week was a whirlwind of paperwork and phone calls to make all the purchasing arrangements for our new car. We needed one quick since Hubby’s car was officially dead (R.I.P.) and the rental was due back on Friday. So I signed my “life” away after school on Friday, and Hubby signed his “life” away on Saturday and brought our new “baby” home. It was sitting in the driveway when I got home Saturday afternoon, having spent the day at the Lead Worship Conference with Paul Baloche.

The first time we spent this much on a car (with financing), I nearly had a panic attack. It made Hubby wonder how I was ever going to survive if we bought a house. We bought our house the next year, and while it involved the odd moment of deep cleansing breaths, I survived.

I like the new car (except some of the small buttons that I can’t seem to work with my mittens on), but I felt awfully sad seeing my little blue Echo emptied of all my stuff – cds, magazines and crossword puzzles. We have been through a lot together, like long road trips in all kinds of weather, or rushing to find a “potty” in the middle of nowhere. We’ve popped to the store for things like groceries, pregnancy tests, and chocolate bars (O Henry!). We’ve driven through countless drive-thrus, and scary parking lots. And it has heard lots of angry words (aimed at other drivers) and silly songs.

I realize my sentimentality seems ridiculous in the midst of the joy a new car brings, but I feel guilty, as if my Echo were “alive”. I don’t want it to feel rejected because something younger and prettier came along. Keep in mind, I’m an older model myself. Remember that Ikea commercial with the little lamp?

It got me…every time.

It must be time to go for a drive and let the “new car smell” intoxicate me again. Happy Trails to you, until we meet again…