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Well, when I started this blog, I had said I wanted to have new experiences…and last night was a new experience!

When Hubby called to ask me if I’d undertake this task, I was thankful I was still dressed in my skinny jeans and wearing make-up. I put on my sassy green boots to boost my confidence level, and with my hair braided and hanging over one shoulder, I felt like Katniss setting out with one goal in mind – to come out the other end of my journey, intake and alive!

I started my car and cranked the music up – there’s something about loud music with a throbbing bass guitar to empower the soul. Group: Red. Album: End of Silence. Song: Let Go. How appropriate!

As I pulled into a parking space, I took a deep breath and checked my lipstick (a girl feels confident when she feels she looks good, right?). I had called ahead to make sure the sales rep. was available…but unfortunately, he was with other customers…so I confidently informed the receptionist that I would wait for him, and I strolled to the lounge area. I didn’t realize I would end up waiting almost half an hour, but the sales rep.  did pop over a couple of times to apologize for the wait. I didn’t mind waiting for him – we met with him Monday evening and he showed us the car, crunched the numbers and sent us on our way in less than half an hour. The sales rep. at another dealership last night only spoke to Hubby, took up an hour and a half of our time, and was just plain too pushy! It pays to be personable.

By the time I sat down at the sales rep’s desk, I wasn’t nervous any more. I wanted to finish up so I could go home!  To make this long story short, I bought a car…

A L L          B Y       M Y S E L F 

I have owned 6 cars before this, but I have never purchased a vehicle without either my father or my husband being present and dealing with the sales rep. I paid the deposit, filled out the paperwork for the financing, and signed my name to the contract. I will drop off the remainder of the information required today, and hopefully, we will have a new car by Friday (Monday at the latest). I bought our flat screen television, a cell phone and now a car. What’s next? A house?

The car required some compromise – I wanted manual transmission and Hubby wanted automatic transmission – Hubby won! I wanted red and Hubby wanted silver – we’re getting violet gray.

Now we just have to figure who gets to drive it!