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So it seems the weather, like our ice storm late last week, isn’t the only weirdness going around. We seem to have some individuals in the neighbourhood who are confused about holidays. Saturday night, at approximately 9:30 p.m., Hubby and I were settled at our opposite ends of the couch, watching a movie, when something smashed into our front windows. Hubby grabbed the cord for the blinds, as a car sped away. Our front window had been egged. Isn’t that a prank usually reserved for Halloween? And why was our house the target on the street? We haven’t been the “cranky couple” on the block for a few years, yelling at the troublesome teens (or have we…?) and the drug dealers we (mostly me) used to stare down have moved on as well. So I have that pleasant task to address this week, once I figure out how best to approach it and reach it. This one will require a ladder. But that’s not all – I was awoken at 1:30 a.m. with a jolly fellow bellowing “Merry Christmas”! Need I say more?

Little Guy saw a “giant bug…it must have had 6 or 8 legs” in the basement and he came to me to round up this thing and “squash it”…Has this child not been paying attention? I don’t generally do “bugs” particularly ones with 8 legs! Me – who is the most likely in the house to scream and run, or at least scream and “icky ‘get-it-off-me’ dance”! But, trying to set a good example that there’s nothing to be afraid of while secretly breaking into a cold sweat, I grabbed the fly swat and headed down. I legitimately hunted for said “giant bug” among the boxes and toys littering the floor, but to no avail. Big bug is still down there and I hope it’s not planning to hunt for me now…in the middle of the night!

On the plus side, I got to spend some time with friends (and as pathetic as this sounds, it feels really good to be able to write friends – plural). And these friends (plural) are real human beings who (seem to) enjoy my company, as opposed to my imaginary friends who barely tolerate me most days! I had friends join me for a card workshop Saturday afternoon. We were spontaneously invited to a friend’s home for lunch Sunday afternoon…and then I went for a drive with the (better?) half to look at houses in the area. Her excitement at the prospect that we could be neighbours was humbling. And finally, I got to celebrate birthday with friends (not my birthday) with cake and tea…right before supper. “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first!” Yes, I ruined my appetite (and Little Guy’s too)! It was great. Who says you can’t have oreo chocolate cake for supper? (don’t worry – we did eat a proper meal when we got home….we just had a “backwards meal”).

To nicely top off the weekend, I came home from the birthday party and Hubby had cooked dinner (not a Thanksgiving turkey dinner) and washed all the dishes. What makes this so remarkable is that lately I have been hating the cooking and the washing (more than usual), and I’m certain that having this one night off will really improve my outlook on life. I can remember feeling that way about putting Little Guy to bed when he was younger. It wasn’t that I didn’t love cuddling up to read stories to him, or rocking him in my arms and singing as he drifted off to sleep. It was just that once in awhile, I Needed. A. Break. Last night, I didn’t cook or wash dishes and the week is starting out much better (no early morning phone calls). Too bad the Easter bunny didn’t visit me…I could use more chocolate for my candy cupboard.

Happy New Year!