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I am SO ready to come out of hibernation. I’m ready to go for long walks in the morning and listen to the birds. I am ready to peel a couple of sweaters off, even if it means (gasp) showing off my chubby elbows; I’ve even painted my toenails! I’m ready to trade my snow shovel for a garden shovel and attempt to wage war on the weeds that are already growing there. I’m ready for Spring.

I may be tempted to do this every time I look out the window…

But I am not ready to become one of those people who complain about the weather…even though I am getting dangerously close to it! I try not to get worked up over the things that I can’t control, like the fact that I’m only 5′ 1½” and will start shrinking any day. Instead, I have footstools on every floor of my house, and I buy fabulous high heels! I can’t change the weather. I can’t change the fact that even though I was comfortable in a Spring jacket Wednesday morning, by afternoon, through the torrential downpour, I could see my breath. I can’t change the fact that I toured my muddy backyard Thursday morning, but by noon it had snowed enough to cover all the grass, and I had to shovel slop off the walkway. And I can’t change the fact that the predicted temperature for Monday will be in the plus double digits, but we’ll have snow again by next weekend. We’ve also had 2 thunderstorms, which is unusual so early in the year. At least I’m not stuck in the same day…but if it keeps on, I may have to do more than whinge and complain. I may be forced to do something drastic…

Eat gluten-filled toast in the bathtub! I’m not suicidal…just grumpy!

Happy Weekend!