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Apparently yesterday was No Housework Day, and by the time I find out about it, the day was over. I’m really bummed! I could have used a No Housework Day this century!

It could have been a whole day in this year that I could just relax, ignore my chores and do absolutely anything else instead. It could have been my chance to indulge myself with no guilt, no stress, and no cleaning. Who am I kidding? The words “no guilt” and “indulgence” cannot co-exist peacefully even in the same sentence. I never sit still, I never stop multi-tasking, and I can always think of something I should be doing instead of [insert activity here].

I did do something on Saturday that I haven’t done in a surprisingly long time. It was hot and steamy, and I did it in the kitchen, in full view of my family. I ironed. I used to iron for a couple of hours on a weekly basis (while watching TV – less guilt that way), and I ironed practically everything: clothing, pillowcases, dish towels. But really, who has the time any more? Dryer + timer = less ironing, more time to do other household chores. Lucky me!

My big project on Saturday was “Out with the Old” and “In with the Older”…I packed up my (old) “grocery store” dishes, relocated an (older) set from one grandmother, and found a home for the other grandmother’s good china. I was given a cup and saucer for my Grade 8 Graduation, and told me I’d inherit it some day…and some day has arrived. As for the “grocery store” dishes…I started collecting household items when I was a teenager, anxious to be the Queen of my own castle. One grocery store chain passed out tickets with every purchase, and with enough tickets, you could purchase the dishes. Several family members collected for my cause! They are now part of Big Guy’s family!

It was no easy task because I’m vertically challenged…so in addition to the copious pile of all these dishes to wash, I had drag a chair (or footstool) around with me, and climb up and down said chair, for hours! And who puts clean dishes in a grubby cupboard? Plus I wanted my dishes to look pretty in my china cabinet…and I couldn’t put the ironing board away yet because I wasn’t done…which made my small kitchen…smaller. Then we added the guinea pigs so they wouldn’t get high on the paint fumes in the basement (I contemplated doing just that, but decided I couldn’t afford to lose any more brain cells. Plus, I have enough trouble cooking some days when I have all my faculties, so why tempt fate.

Dishes 1 Dishes 2

By mid-afternoon, I was exhausted and thankful to have those piles put away. Of course, there were still 3 loads of laundry to do and a bathroom to clean, Big Guy came home needing help, not to mention…well, you get the picture. I did venture upstairs Saturday afternoon, before I ordered pizza (my best decision of the day), and found another pile (I swear, they reproduce like bunnies in my house)…and like any self-respecting housekeeper…I walked right by it!

It would have been good to have a No Housework Day yesterday. But, since I have enough clean plates, maybe I’ll leave the washing up until tomorrow,  just this once…