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Isn’t it terrible when you know you are heading into an incredibly busy day, days before it arrives? Tuesday was that day for me (that’s why this post is so late)! I knew I had to shop for the food for Morning Break in at least 2 different stores, and pack the materials for my card class for Morning Break on Wednesday. We needed groceries too. And I kept forgetting that Little Guy’s swimming lessons were starting after school!

Well…Sunday, on the way home from church, the car’s check engine light came on…mentally re-jig my plan for Tuesday – I can take the car into the garage first thing in the morning and do my “at home” list: laundry, dishes, packing, baking, etc. Hopefully it won’t take all day, and I’ll be able to do my running around in the afternoon before swimming lessons. Alternately, I could dash out in the evening to pick up a few things. I can do this – no problem!

When I got home, I had an email waiting – could we have our worship team rehearsal Tuesday night? Mentally re-jig my plan for Tuesday. If I can’t get all the running around done in the afternoon, I can pick things up on my way to or from rehearsal. I can do this – no problem!

Then I get a phone call from a Morning Break committee member…we don’t have a speaker for next Wednesday, and it’s short notice to ask someone new. Could I do it? By this point I’m ready to start laughing hysterically, and I’m thinking to myself, “why not? I’m already teaching and bringing food – I can speak too!” I can do this – no problem!

I went to bed with a lump in my stomach…

Tuesday morning dawned and I crawled into another day. I took Little Guy to school (almost ran late), dropped off my car and I walked home (taking care of my physical health, right?) with my head spinning. I can’t do this – problem!

With age comes maturity (I hope) and so I started my day with what I knew to be the most important part…a hot cup of tea and my quiet time with the Lord. My study that morning focused on peace (who says God doesn’t have a sense of humour?) That was an hour of my day – time to get going: shower, laundry, email, unpacking, packing, grocery list. I called around noon and they said my car was ready so I walked over (with my grocery bags to save time). The car will have go back, but for now I can still drive it.

I flew through the first store, successfully dodging a “talker”…three times. But by the third time, I sensed that I needed to at least say “hello”. By then I had purchased my items (and a slice of pizza – bad girl – which I had planned to eat in the car). We had the most interesting conversation about the Bible, forgiveness and faith. It was a divine appointment…The remarkable thing was that somehow God slowed time down. Even though I only had 45 minutes remaining after we parted, before I had to get to the school, I made it to 2 more stores, Tim’s for a cup of tea, and got all the food in the house and the perishables put away. I got Little Guy to swimming. Supper was made. Cookies were baked. And I still had time to change my clothes and put on make up before rehearsal.

I got home around 9:30 p.m. That morning I had expected to be so tired and so far behind that I would curl up on the couch to sleep some time after midnight. Instead, I had time to have my bedtime cereal, iron a shirt, and sleep in my own bed. I truly believe that if I hadn’t taken time to commit my day to God first, time would not have slowed down. I would have missed an important conversation. I would have been cranky with my family and would have had at least one emotional meltdown. Next time I’m crazy busy, I hope I have the sense to say “I can this with God’s help – no problem!”

Now if I can just find time to write my speech for next week…